Finglas Driving Test Routes

Finglas Driving Test Routes

Finglas Driving Test Centre is located on Jamestown Road in Dublin and is one of 7 Driving Test Centres in Dublin. It is a very busy driving test route with a variety of housing estates and roundabouts as well as some busy junctions in Finglas village. There is also a temporary driving test centre nearby in Charlestown which covers the same routes.

Where is Finglas Driving Test Centre?

The Driving Test Centre is in the Jamestown Business Park on Jamestown Road in Finglas and is one of the busiest test centres in the country. It is easily found on Google Maps.

Pass Rates for Finglas Driving Test Centre

The Pass rate for driving tests in Finglas in 2021 was 48% which is similar to all other Dublin test centres.

Finglas Driving Test Routes

The Driving Tester can bring you anywhere in a 5km radius of the Driving Test Centre. The most common Finglas Driving Test routes include towards Finglas Village, Cedarwood estate and Glasnevin north.

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The Test Routes App has 8 separate driving test routes for Finglas. The App can be downloaded for free from the Playstore or iOS.

How to use the Testroutes app ? ​

STEP 1 :

Download the App onto your mobile phone

STEP 4 :

Follow the directions given via GPS to drive round Test Route 1

STEP 2 :

Register your details and Driving Test Centre

STEP 5 :

Premium Account holders can unlock additional Driving Test Route

STEP 3 :

At the Test Centre select Route 1

If you have any questions about using the App please email [email protected] and we will try and help as soon as possible.

To Pass your Driving test in Finglas you need to complete 12 stages:

When is the best day or time to pass the driving test in Finglas?

  1. Apply for and pass your Theory Test
  2. Apply for your Learners permit with the NDLS
  3. Upon receipt of the Learners Permit book driving lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)
  4. Complete 12 EDT Driving Lessons as a minimum
  5. After agreement from your ADI apply for the driving test
  6. Get familiar with the Driving Test Route by using The Test Routes App
  7. Take Pretest Driving Lessons
  8. Learn all the Road Signs, Questions and Technical Checks
  9. Watch Youtube videos for the driving in general and Tallaght Test Centre in particular.
  10. After receiving an email from the RSA choose a suitable day/time for your test
  11. On the day, turn up at least 15 minutes early and await a phone call from the tester.
  12. Driving normally on the day and don’t drive differently just because its a driving test.

There are times of the day when the traffic around Raheny is lighter. Generally speaking, Mondays and Fridays are busier than Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays and morning times are quieter than afternoons. The busiest time for driving tests in Raheny is Friday afternoon so it is best to avoid choosing this time if possible. If you have an option of between 9:15-11:55am Tuesday to Thursday or the very rare Saturday morning slots then snap it up while you can.

After you receive the email from the RSA and go to choose a Test time it will only give options for 3 days. If neither the times or dates or suitable simply come back the next day and the options will have moved on a day. If you log on early in the morning you will have the best choice available. But don’t worry – If you are good enough to pass the day or time won’t make any difference!

Where do testers bring you on the Finglas test route?

Where is the reverse around the corner done on the Finglas Test Route?

The Tester can bring you anywhere within a 5km radius of the driving test centre. The best way to familiarise yourself with the test route area is to book Pre Test Driving Lessons or to download the Test Routes App.

These are most commonly done in Cedarwood estate but there are other less well known places the tester can bring you. The Test Route App will have a complete updated list of the most common places used.

Where is the turnabout around the corner done on the Finglas Test Route?

How long is the driving test in Finglas ? ​

These are most commonly done in Cedarwood estate but there are other less well known places the tester can bring you. The Test Route App will have a complete updated list of the most common places used.

The driving test is a minimum of 7.5km and 25minutes long. Normally the driving part of the test will take 30-35 minutes.

Can I change the date/time of my driving test in Finglas?

What is the format of the driving test in Finglas?

If your test is more than 10 days away you can change the time and date of the test for free. If it is under 10 days you will lose your fee if you need to cancel unless you have covid, in which case you can cancel and reschedule for free.

1: Enter the waiting room 15 minutes before your test starts.
2: Inside the Test Centre answer some questions including 12 Road Signs and 12 questions on the Rules of the Road.
3: Go to the car and do the under bonnet checks
4: Tester will check the insurance disc, tax, NCT, brake lights and indicators.
5: Inside the car do the Technical checks and hand signals.
6: Drive for 30-35 Minutes which includes a reverse around the corner, hill start and turnabout.
7: Return to the Test Centre and after being seated receive the result.

Download Testroutes App

Download Testroutes App

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