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Driving Test Routes

Welcome to, your premier destination for comprehensive information on driving test routes across Ireland. Whether you’re preparing for your driving test in Dun Laoghaire, Naas, Mulhuddart, Finglas, Raheny, Mullingar, Tallaght, or any other region, our platform has got you covered. We are delighted to introduce the Test Routes App, a powerful tool designed to enhance your driving test preparation. Packed with interactive features, detailed route descriptions, and invaluable tips, the Test Routes App is your key to success. Discover why thousands of learners trust us and join our growing community today!

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Have you an upcoming driving test andhooking to familiarise yourself with the test routes? We have developed an App that allows you to follow each of the driving test routes at the busiest Driving Test Centres in Ireland. It is the only App of its kind in Ireland that helps you learn the test routes with the assistance of the latest GPS Technology. Download for free today from Play and Apple Stores.

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Introducing the Test Routes App

The Test Routes App is a revolutionary mobile application that puts the power of driving test route knowledge at your fingertips. Available for iOS and Android devices, this user-friendly app is your ultimate companion throughout your journey to becoming a licensed driver. Let’s explore the exciting features that make the Test Routes App an essential tool for learners.

Interactive Maps:

The Test Routes App features interactive maps that allow you to learn the driving test routes. Using the latest GPS Technology navigate effortlessly through each route. The maps highlight crucial points of interest, such as roundabouts, junctions, and traffic signs, giving you a clear understanding of the route layout. You will learn where to practice the Reverse around the corner, Hill start and Turnabout so that the driving test holds no nasty surprises.

Invaluable Tips

Gain access to a treasure trove of tips and tricks to pass your driving test. We have curated a wealth of knowledge to help you navigate tricky situations, overcome nerves, and perform at your best. From mastering the Reverse around the Corner to learning the Technical Questions and Road Signs, the Test Routes App equips you with the skills you need to succeed.

Are you looking for a Test Centre which isn’t listed? We are adding new Test center’s to the App every month but the time to create the routes and test them is quite considerable. If you would like to receive a Test Version of a Test Centre not yet listed please leave your email below:‚Äč

Why are driving test routes so important?

When it comes to taking your driving test, knowing the routes that examiners typically use can give you a significant advantage. Familiarity with these routes allows you to anticipate the road conditions, identify potential hazards, and make confident decisions while driving. By understanding the key areas that examiners focus on, you can effectively prepare yourself and boost your chances of passing the driving test.

At, we understand the importance of having access to accurate and up-to-date information. We have diligently researched and compiled an extensive database of driving test routes from various test centers across Ireland. We continuously update our platform to ensure that you have access to the most recent routes, ensuring that you’re well-prepared for your driving test. If your Test Centre is not yet listed please let us know and we will try and prioritise it to be uploaded soon.


STEP 1 :

Download the App onto your mobile phone

STEP 4 :

At the Test Centre select a Route

STEP 2 :

Register your details and Driving Test Centre

STEP 5 :

Follow all directions to complete the route

STEP 3 :

Unlock the Routes

STEP 6 :

Repeat for all remaining routes

STEP 1 :

Download the App onto your mobile phone

STEP 2 :

Register your details and Driving Test Centre

STEP 3 :

Unlock the Routes

STEP 4 :

At the Test Centre select a Route

STEP 5 :

Follow all directions to complete the route

STEP 6 :

Repeat for all remaining routes

Driving test routes Ireland

Finglas driving test centre

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Ennis Driving Test Centre

Athlone Driving Test Centre

Letterkenny Driving Test Centre

Dundalk Driving Test Centre

Cork Wilton Driving Test Centre

Castlebar Driving Test Centre

Carrick on Shannon Driving Test Centre

Clonmel Driving Test Centre

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Buncrana Driving Test Centre

Kilkenny Driving Test Centre

Newcastle West Driving Test Centre

Shannon Driving Test Centre

Nenagh Driving Test Centre

Roscommon Driving Test Centre

Waterford Driving Test Centre

Wexford Driving Test Centre

Tullamore Driving Test Centre

Tipperary Driving Test Centre

Thurles Driving Test Centre

Kilrush Driving Test Centre

Loughrea Driving Test Centre

Birr Driving Test Centre

Clifden Driving Test Centre

Don’t leave your driving test success to chance. Download the Test Routes App today and embark on your journey towards becoming a licensed driver. Our interactive maps, detailed route descriptions, invaluable tips, and seamless integration with ensure that you’re fully prepared for the driving test routes in Dun Laoghaire, Naas, Mulhuddart, Finglas, Raheny, Mullingar, Tallaght, and beyond. Join the growing community of learners who trust and the Test Routes App to guide them towards success. With our expertise and your determination, you’ll be confidently driving towards your new chapter as a licensed driver. Start your journey now and let the Test Routes App drive you to success !

Finglas driving test centre

Available on the App Store and Play Store

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